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I am basically a self-taught artist, although my schooling has always been in the arts. I took Art History classes at Emily Carr University, earned a Diploma of Fashion Design at Kwanten Polytechnic University and then completed the Art Institute of Seattle’s Film Production program. After over a decade spent in the film industry, I began working as an artist and antique dealer and indulging my love for all forms of vintage style. In 2015 I started creating a line of vintage-inspired tourist images for giftware and prints. In the past few years I have been able to spend more time in my studio experimenting with painting techniques and mediums. I work in three many mediums - watercolour/alcohol inks, acrylic paint and mixed media (often incorporating vintage elements into my paintings.) My style is always informed by my love of vintage, with charming, naive & simple forms and a love of colours. I sell my work in gift shops, online and at artisan markets.


I paint with acrylics using a naive or folk-art inspired style on canvas or board. I love to create simple images and infuse them with colour and texture. I often work from photos I’ve taken during my travels around my community and the wild natural beauty of our Canadian backyard.


My Mixed Media Artworks are created with layers of paint, papers and vintage embellishments. I usually start with a sketch on watercolour paper, then cut it out, glue it onto a cradled birch panel (wooden canvas) and add paint and other layers until I am finished. I use every available medium to get the look I want, including acrylic paint, watercolours, inks, pens and oils. I have collected a huge catalog vintage ephemera (photos and paper) over the years and love to include these in my work. I sometimes use vintage buttons, rhinestones and other small embellishments on some paintings. The finished artwork is usually available for purchase as a print on paper or canvas, or other gift products.


I enjoy painting pretty scenes, flowers or sweet children’s images in watercolours or alcohol inks. I love the way they blend, and the way I can create organic shapes with the water or alcohol. Many of these images are used to adore gift products like notebooks, gift tags and cards.

I am always experimenting with new ways of creating art! It's my work and also my playground!

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About ME

I am inspired by a simpler time… a vintage time, in the way I live, the music I love and by the art I make. I try to find new purposes for vintage items, either by incorporating them into my art or as objects of use in our homes. My design style and my paintings reflect that in a simple, often folk art inspired style.

I grew up in White Rock, B.C. and still live by the beach. I have a big garden and an even bigger playground in the water and hills around me. When I first started designing my “Love This Place” art collection I spent a year exploring every part of the lower mainland and getting to know all the communities. More road trips are on the slate for the upcoming year as I add more towns to my collection and more original paintings to my catalog..

I have spent my whole life working in the arts in various capacities. I was first trained as a Fashion Designer at Kwantlen Polytechnic University and eventually went back to school to learn the business behind Film Production at the Art Institute of Seattle. I worked in the film industry for over a decade in various capacities. I began in the costume department, then as a script editor and eventually I co-owned a production company and worked as a writer, director and producer on commercials, documentaries and short films.. I also co-founded the Celluloid Social Club, a Vancouver indie film screening series that has helped launch hundreds of small film projects over the years and is still active today.

Eventually I sold my film company and began selling antiques and vintage inspired design. Over the years I have become known as The Jitterbug Studio and balance my time between selling vintage treasures and creating paintings, prints, giftware and vintage home decor.

I live in an old house I renovated near the beach. When I'm not playing in the waves, or working in my studio, you can find me at various vintage and art markets throughout the lower mainland. My various art, gift and decor products can be found at a growing number of retail outlets and online through Etsy and this website. I have some new vintage-inspired projects in the works for the new year!

Keep your toes in the sand & have an inspiring day!

Cheers, Jeanne

The Jitterbug Was A Dance Invented In Underground Jazz Clubs In The 1930'S & Involved All Manner Of Inspired Improvisation Leaving You Feeling Free And Uninhibited.

I Often Feel Like A Jitterbug... Inspired In Many Creative Directions & Rarely Sitting Still.