I’ve been collecting - as well as buying and selling - antiques for many years. I started in my late teens when I would scout through vintage shops for cool retro clothes, or some mysterious item to use as decor. Later it became a way to earn a bit of extra cash, and during the heydey of Ebay, I was taking a carload of boxes to the post office every week. I have sold everything from barbie clothes to fine china, furniture to old photos and found that I absolutely loved the hours of sorting through boxes and researching the origin of everything. I’ve learned a lot about history, and about different eras of human creativity.

I still love the treasure hunt. I especially love the ephemera - old photos and bits of paper. I’ve discovered photos that have found their way to museums and collections around the world. I’ve even reunited families with photos of their lost ancestors. I like to wonder about their lives and where they were when the photo was taken. I also love old records (I have too many!!) and play my latest (old) tunes while I work.

Before it was trendy I was finding ways to reuse and repurpose antiques. My home is full of treasures I’ve found over the years, from an old barn door I use as a tabletop, dishes from a 17th century castle or my favourite - my fabulous flapper-era beaded curtains. I also often incorporate vintage elements into my mixed media paintings, including bits of old paper, lace, keys etc.

I am working on a new Blog for 2019 about how to incorporate vintage into our modern lives. Sign up for my Newsletter and follow me on Instagram to find out the details.

I still sell antiques at several vintage shows around the Lower Mainland and plan to relaunch a vintage online shop in late 2019.

Check my Events page for details of upcoming markets, or contact me if you see something you are interested in on my Instagram feed.